Australia is 90% dependent on foreign fuel imports and heading to 100% dependency on imports from some of the world’s most unstable regions.

We believe that Australians don’t want to be dependent on foreign fuel imports for our export industries like agriculture and mining or for our vital transport industries.

Australian families deserve cleaner, cheaper fuel for transport and the environment and we have abundant sources for Australian gaseous fuels that:

  • Are cheaper and will help future cost of living pressures;
  • Australian produced which means more jobs for Australians,
  • Are less polluting and up to 25% fewer greenhouse emissions than diesel;
  • Are genuinely “Great Barrier Reef” friendly fuels;
  • Reduces noise from engines by up to 50%;
  • Create Australian design, engineering, manufacturing and other jobs;
  • Are not “pie in the sky”. Existing technology running trucks, trains and boats around the world, including Australia.

Every 10% of imported diesel substituted by gaseous fuels would save import costs by $870 million every year – better for our balance of payments and economy.

With Australia’s abundant gas advantage, it makes no sense for Australia to be fully dependent on imported, dirtier and more expensive fuels.

Other nations are pushing ahead with gaseous fuel, but here there are a range of red tape and entrenched market blockers stopping Australians getting the benefit.

Our 2030 Vision for Cleaner, Cheaper Australian Fuels outlines a pathway and compelling vision including a 10 point action plan for industry, governments and community.

Gas Energy Australia, and a range of industry leaders believe that the journey to cleaner, cheaper and more secure Australian fuel sources can and must start now.

We welcome your support, comments below or email us for more detailed feedback.

You can take action for more cleaner, cheaper, Australian fuels and not be 100% dependent on higher polluting imports.

Click here if you want to download our 2030 Vision
To view our 2030 Vision for Cleaner, Cheaper Australian Fuels on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) click hereTo read our short summary of the document, click here
Australian gaseous fuels are Australia’s natural advantage. They are cleaner, and cheaper supporting cleaner air and more control over Australia’s economic future. To view the Budget Submission 2017-18 click here.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) can contribute to Australia’s future energy needs as a cleaner, cheaper and more readily available source of energy than conventional fuels. To view the LPG stationary vision document click here.
Cleaner, cheaper Australian gas fuels, with existing technology and abundant natural supplies are often overlooked in Australia’s policy settings despite being the only feasible alternative to diesel and other sources of energy for heavy transport and off grid baseload generation. To view the 2016 Federal Election Policy Statement click here
  • David said -

    I didn’t know Australia had this capability. I’d like to know more but it makes sense.

  • Paula said -

    I can’t stand the diesel fumes when I am trying to enjoy Brisbane’s outdoor dining and lifestyle. We need more buses and trucks running on natural gas to stop local pollution.

  • Trevor said -

    Great news, we need more of this to reduce climate change – without a tax.

  • Nick Rea EVOL LNG said -

    This is an important document that shows the role that LNG can play in transport. Despite this, just this week the Commonwealth Government has disadvantaged LNG for heavy duty vehicles by indexing LNG excise but exempting diesel!

  • Ray Sharp said -

    I agree with all of the above.
    We need the jobs in Australia.

  • Jon said -

    Gaseous fuels (LNG, LPG, CNG) can play a large role in Australia’s economy – lower cost, increasing fuel supply security and creating local jobs. Support it!!!

  • R. Grasso said -

    The US Latin America & Europe (for some time), are on this bandwagon & see it as a critically important aspect of their respective fuel strategies. It’s a ‘here and now’ solution to various issues at a supply, security & broader community level.

  • Jim McDonald said -

    It makes no sense for Australia to be exporting energy as LNG for about $12 per GJ and importing diesel for about $25 per GJ. We need to convert the national heavy duty fleet to clean burning CNG to reduce transport costs, and greenhouse gas emission

  • Phil Webb said -

    LNG is the highest density form for on-vehicle storage of natural gas and is safe in all normal transport situations.
    LNG and CNG burn cleaner than diesel and can provide lower emissions from an abundant Australian resource

  • Jim McDonald said -

    We should convert the national heavy duty fleet to clean burning Australian CNG to lower transport costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Tony said -

    This makes so much sense. It is time for all Australians to get their heads around the social and economic benefits of using natural gas.

  • Mark Lindup said -

    The Federal Government got rid of the Mining Tax when it came into power, citing that it hindered investment in the industry and raised less money than it cost to administer. That is exactly what excise on LNG has done in the Transport industry!

  • peter said -

    As another Australian oil refinery closes this year we will increase our reliance on imported fuel for transport and industry. Why, when we have an alternative local product that keeps Aussies in work

  • Robert said -

    Why are we reliant on overseas we should support our own and be self sufficient. …. create industry and jobs here for the future.

  • Peter Powell said -

    The 2030 vision is one I would like to see eventuate, for the social, environmental and economic payoffs it would provide.
    The only thing standing in our way is political will.

  • Tony Weber said -

    Cleaner, cheaper Australian fuels being used in the transport sector will have a major influence in not only keeping our environment healthier through reduced emissions, but may assist in making us more competitive on the world stage.

  • John Morgan said -

    Vast quantities of natural gas in our own backyard, and yet we are approaching 100% dependency on foreign fuel imports. Crazy!

  • Bill Hazell said -

    It makes no sense to be reliant on imported crude oil when we have an abundant supply of natural gas. Government needs to establish policy to encourage the use of Australia’s NG reserves.

  • Kelvin Kalms said -

    The 2030 Vision captures the exact message we all need to support “If you want more cleaner, cheaper Australia Fuels and not be 100% dependent on higher polluting imports – you can take action”

  • Peter said -

    It is time Australia used it’s natural resources to it’s own advantage rather than export the advantage to others.

  • Linh Le said -

    Cleaner, cheaper and more secure an energy source, with the strong potential to a major engine of growth and jobs for the country. It makes clear sense to have policy that encourages the use of Australian natural gas in transport and industry.

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